Wednesday, June 1 2016 17:10 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko leaves for Minsk - Russians issue ultimatum
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On May 31, Savchenko did not answer the reporters whether she really is to leave for Minsk on 1 June. Belarus is to hold a meeting of four subgroups on security, political, economic and humanitarian issues and direct negotiations of the tripartite contact group.

The talks about the fact that the People's Deputy Nadiya Savchenko is to join the negotiation process appeared after Ukrainian temporary charge d'affaires a.i. Valery Dzhigun had said that Savchenko was expected to come to Minsk.

However, the Russians are against Savchenko’s participation in the talks of Minsk.

On May 31, the political subgroup discussed conditions of the elections in the occupied Donbass and the road map of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

In addition, the meeting revealed a new Ukrainian representative. It appeared to be Sergey Pirozhkov from the National Academy of Sciences. He had been the ambassador of Ukraine in Moldova up to 2014.

The representatives of separatists didn’t like Pirozhkov. They accused the diplomat of disrupting the negotiation process and the unconstructive approach to the dialogue.

As reported earlier by, Savchenko said: 'If Third World War comes, Crimea will be ours again.' The People's Deputy hasn’t excluded a chance of Crimea’s legal returning. According to the People's Deputy from 'Batkivschina party' Nadiya Savchenko, it’s possible to return Crimea under Ukrainian sovereignty in two ways.

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