Wednesday, June 1 2016 03:35 EEST
Savchenko’s first working day in Rada: Original way of sitting and conflict with journalists
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Nadia Savchenko appeared in the parliament on May 31. She sang Ukrainian national anthem from the Verkhovna Rada’s rostrum. Moreover, she put her photo off and changed it with a poster of jailed Ukrainians. The pilot then took her shoes off and went to the deputy’s place without the slightest hint of embarrassment.

At the beginning of the plenary session Nadia Savchenko was sitting almost behind Yulia Tymoshenko. She took her ballet shoes off and sat down in the chair with her bare feet. The deputy didn’t change her position while studying the regulations and putting signatures in the register book.

She brought the flags of Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars to the rostrum. During her speech Savchenko claimed she isn’t going to let the politicians forget the faces of those who should be saved from captivity.

Prior to that, she had offended the journalists who worked in the Parliament, by comparing them with jackals and dogs.

'I’m sorry. But you, journalists, still are dogs. Although they say that one cannot tell bad things about the journalists. You really are like the jackals, you are ready to attack and tear, and you don’t even know why,' Savchenko said.

Several working hours later she said that the Rada’s work was similar to a market, and the deputies were like lazy students. At the same time, Savchenko noted that managed to orient quite quickly and the communication with the colleagues was easy.

'I’ve oriented myself. I’m not scared at all. It will be more difficult to go out to people, but I’m not scared here. It’s not difficult,' Savchenko said.

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