Wednesday, June 1 2016 02:14 EEST
There are about 50 million slaves in the world - Mass Media
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Most slaves live in India. According to the annual Global Slavery Index that is published by an Australian team of researchers, about 46 million people in the world are slaves.

According to WalkFreeFoundation, about two-thirds of people who are forced to work against their will, live in Asia. They are most often used in factories, farms or brothels.

Most slaves (more than 1.8 mln) live in India, the experts say.

North Korea has the highest percentage of the population involved in forced labor. According to the study, every 12th inhabitant of North Korea is a slave.

The authors of the study note that the amount of data used for the report has been increased in 2016. The analysts talked to 42, 000 people around the world.

As reported earlier by, Drone delivers drugs and cell phones to London prisoners.

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