Tuesday, May 31 2016 20:36 EEST
War in Donbass: ATO forces recapture Russian flamethrower from militants
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The situation in the ATO zone still is strained. The militants opened fire against the strongholds of Ukrainian forces 21 times during the day. It was reported by the ATO press center in Facebook.

Ukrainian militaries have a Russian infantry flamethrower from the militants.

'We have revealed evidences of the fact that Russia has been supplying weapons and ammunition to the militants. It’s a Russian modern infantry flamethrower that was captured in clashes with a sabotage-reconnaissance group,' the statement reads.

The staff said that the increase in the number of attacks and the presence of Russian modern weapons in the territory of Ukraine is connected to the recent arrival of Russian humanitarian convoy.

Moreover, the militants opened fire against the ATO forces’ positions in the area of Verhnetoretsk, Novobakhmutovka, Krasnohorovka and Opytne.

The terrorists shelled Ukrainian militaries in Avdeevka and Nevelsk, using small arms, various grenade launchers and 82 mm mortars.

The ATO forces near Krasnohorovka, Novotroitsk and Talakovka were fired from small arms, heavy machine guns and automatic grenade launchers. The area of Krasnohorovka also faced sniper fire.

While shelling the ATO forces in the area of Zaytsevo, the militants used the MICVs and 82 mm mortars. They applied machine guns, various grenade launchers and the MICVs near Stanitsa Luhanska in spite of the OSCE post there.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Russian occupation authorities are panic-stricken. Ukrainian troops and armored vehicles have been moving to the border of North Crimea during the last few days.

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