Tuesday, May 31 2016 23:08 EEST
Several candidates for the role of James Bond are being considered in Hollywood
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After Daniel Craig rejected another alluring offer to appear in the following films about the agent 007, producers started searching for a new suitable celebrity.

The British press reports that the actor Daniel Craig categorically refused to star in new adventures of a smart and seductive secret agent despite being offered the immense fee of $100 million. That is why producers of the famous series of films are urgently searching for a worthy substitution. And there are plenty of actors eager to take on this role. Moreover, the number of actors willing to obtain one of the most sought-after roles is increasing every day.

Nevertheless, the journalists report that the creators of the motion picture, despite a great number of famous and charismatic candidates, may choose a talented actor Jamie Bell. Producers have already met with the actor, and they expressed their satisfaction with his audition.

It should also be mentioned that such well-known actors as Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston also compete for the role of Bond. However, chances are that their and other candidatures will be rejected for the benefit of Bell.

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