Tuesday, May 31 2016 19:10 EEST
Scandal in Kiev, Ukraine: Students are taken to army just from dormitory
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The students describe this as lawlessness. The scandal has appeared around the National Technical University of Ukraine’s (KPI) students. They are being sent to military service in the army just from the dormitory.

Their group mates describe this as lawlessness. According to their notes in social networks, the KPI student Bohdan Redchuk was taken to a medical examination in DRVZ and has been kept there for the fourth day without medical examination and any reasons. The militaries say that they are acting within the law as there is a draft now.

'Bohdan and other guys have already become soldiers with no medical examinations or something,' Andrey Lyaschuk notes in social networks. The guy’s father says that his son was taken away from the KPI dormitory. 

'Bohdan comes from Lutsk. They came with a call-up paper and took him to the military commissariat of Solomenka and then to the distribution point of Darnitsa. There are about a hundred boys and seven of them are from the KPI,' Yurii Redchuk said. According to him, he’s trying to get his son’s permission for the diploma’s oral defence on June 17. 

'He can serve a year having his Master degree and a year and a half without one. He doesn’t refuse to serve, although he has serious problems with his vision,' the guy's father said.

'Bohdan Redchuk is a sixth-year student of Magistracy, He didn’t have any denial of determent of call-up, so in 2014 the military commissariat of Solomenka invited him for a medical examination, but he didn’t go there,' Petr Kirichok, the pro-rector of the KPI’s educational work. 'This year he has got the call-up again, and is now in the induction center. We talked to a military commissioner and asked to let the student get his diploma’s oral defence. The problem is being solved now.'

According to the induction center of Solomenka, there was a joint meeting with the KPI leadership on this matter. 

'It was decided to enlist the KPI students, who had lost the right for denial of determent of call-up. There are 395 people! University Management informed on the military service. 366 students were notified. 66 of them got the call-ups. And only four of all the students came to the military commissariat... Thus, it was decided to carry out a raid and to reveal objectors in the KPI dorms. It lasted three days. Nine of 26 students were taken to the service and they had their medical examination in the clinic at Erevanskaya Street,' the militaries assured.

As reported earlier by 1492news.com, Farewell Bell in Donetsk, Ukraine becomes bright by priests, agitation and fainting. The occupied city still is not safe. The schools of Donetsk are holding solemn ceremonies due to the Day of Farewell Bell. The children have been graduated from schools under the flags of the so-called DPR for the second year.

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