Monday, May 30 2016 20:45 EEST
Ukraine should build its own nuclear weapons - Biletsky
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The Budapest Memorandum should be forgotten, People’s Deputy and military commander of Azov Battalion Andriy Biletsky said.

'We are able to restore the nuclear potential in six months. We can stop our dependence on the ridiculous threats of northern neighbors or the begging for thousands of Javelins,' the politician said.

Furthermore, he mentioned the lack of assistance from the United States.

'Being greedy and claiming that we can be given spears only, the USA is forgetting that its military attaches and diplomats stood and clapped when we cut up the TU-122M strategic bombers in Poltava,' the deputy said.

'These people have deprived us of great defense capabilities and have no right to oppose the return of Ukraine's nuclear weapons. That’s why we are promoting the resumption of nuclear capabilities,' he concluded.

The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances due to Ukraine's joining the Non-Proliferation Treaty is an international agreement that was signed on December, 5, 1994, by Ukraine, the US, Russia and Great Britain on the non-nuclear status of Ukraine. According to this document, all the countries pledged to ensure the security of Ukraine.

As reported earlier by, Israeli volunteer instructor Tsvi Arieli talks about the mentality of Ukrainian militaries, resistance to reforms, the transition to NATO standards, bananas and decent johns. He is an instructor who is training the first experimental light infantry brigade for the National Guard of Ukraine.

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