Monday, May 30 2016 18:21 EEST
Akhmetov reminds: 'Occupation is temporary, 'Shakhtar' team will come back to Donbass Arena!'
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Rinat Akhmetov has just celebrated the anniversary of 'Shakhtar'. He reminded the representatives of the DPR that the club is to come back to its home stadium.

Akhmetov stressed that the occupation of Donetsk and other areas of Ukraine was temporary and militants of terrorist organizations could only dream of Russia.

The president of the 'miners' have been stating that he has no intention to give up his views and his wish to return to the home stadium Donbass Arena in Donetsk. He also added that it had been very difficult to play on other fields during the last two years. But nothing is impossible and all the obstacles can be overcome.

In addition, 'Shakhtar’s' ex-mentor Mircea Lucescu congratulated Akhmetov on the 80th anniversary of his club and said that he didn’t refuse of his aim to perform as a head coach in the stadium of Donbass Arena during one of 'Shakhtar’s' future games.

It still is unknown, when and how this will happen, but we can say that they have set the actual goal to return the team to the stadium.

As reported earlier by, 'Zenit' officially announces Lucescu’s appointment. The contract was signed according to the 2 + 1 scheme. 'Zenit' Saint Petersburg announced the appointment of Mircea Lucescu as its new head coach.

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