Monday, May 30 2016 17:13 EEST
Savchenko’s sharp answer to terrorist Zakharchenko: 'Let him try to kill me tete-a-tete'
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Ukrainian aviator Nadiya Savchenko commented on the separatist DPR’s leader Alexandr Zakharchenko’s promise to kill her in case she’ll appear in the conflict zone of the Donbass.

Zakharchenko’s statement made her laugh, the Ukrainian ex-prisoner said. According to her, she would be ready to answer Zakharchenko only if he really tried to kill her tete-a-tete.

She supposes that Zakharchenko could say the words without thinking about the consequences.

'There is no point to react to this. If he were standing here and killing me, I would respond. And as for the things he is telling… well, one can speak in anger, without thinking or something. I don’t care,' Savchenko said.

According to previous messages, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that the issue of the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s transfer had been discussed with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko long time ago.

'As for Savchenko’s exchange, we discussed this issue with Poroshenko long ago. Our first task in that case was to return two Russian citizens convicted by the court of Ukraine,' the head of the Russian state noted.

As reported earlier by, Russian leadership hasn’t earned the lifting of current restrictive measures. The leaders of seven leading industrial countries supported the prolongation of current anti-Russian sanctions at the summit of the Big Seven in Japan.

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