Monday, May 30 2016 16:10 EEST
Is Ukraine ready to take back Crimea? - Dozens of armored vehicles have been gathering on border
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Russian occupation authorities are panic-stricken. Ukrainian troops and armored vehicles have been moving to the border of North Crimea during the last few days.

This was confirmed by some leading outlets which cited their own insider sources in the power structures of annexed Crimea.

'One can watch concentration of military units and the strengthening of armored groups in the area of the Russian-Ukrainian border in the north of Crimea in recent days. Defensive weapon emplacements have appeared in the territory of Kherson region near Armyansk and Chongarskiy isthmus,' the source says.

These events are taking place just in the last few days: the number of armored vehicles has been essentially increased; one can see dozens of tanks. A line of fire support has been actively building up too.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet has not commented on this information yet. However, the terrorists and their supporters have been actively discussing this information being afraid of the Ukrainian army’s offensive.

As reported earlier by, The People's Deputy Savchenko hasn’t excluded a chance of Crimea’s legal returning. According to the People's Deputy from 'Batkivschina party' Nadiya Savchenko, it’s possible to return Crimea under Ukrainian sovereignty in two ways.

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