Sunday, May 29 2016 20:34 EEST
Ukrainian indie rockers won in the international competition
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The band, which was originally based in Donetsk, and eventually moved to Kyiv, plays a fusion of classic and psychedelic rock and indie.

Ukrainian band SINOPTIK won in the final of a spectacular live music competition The Global Battle of Bands (GBOB). It was reported on the web page of the contest in Facebook, UNN reports. The final was held in Berlin.

In the beginning of April, this creative band released their third full-length LP called 'Interplanet Overdrive', which obtained positive feedback from music reviewers.

The Global Battle of the Bands is an annual competition, which invites musicians and vocalists from all over the world. Ukraine was represented there in different years by Yanka Kozyr's Orchestra, TOL (took 4th place in the final in London), ETWAS UNDERS, AtmAsfera (4th place in the world final in London), Tango Tempo, Hapochka, MAGUA, Seven Pounds.

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