Saturday, May 28 2016 04:06 EEST
If Third World War comes, Crimea will be ours again - Savchenko
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The People's Deputy hasn’t excluded a chance of Crimea’s legal returning. According to the People's Deputy from 'Batkivschina party' Nadiya Savchenko, it’s possible to return Crimea under Ukrainian sovereignty in two ways.

'If there is the Third World War, Crimea will come back,' Savchenko said noting that she supposed a scenario of a global war.

At the same time, the People's Deputy hasn’t excluded a chance of Crimea’s legal returning.

'If there is no war, Crimea will be returned by the international law,' Sachenko added. Moreover, she mentioned, that this could happen not so soon.

She stressed that Russia had violated the established order, borders and international law.

'The map of the world has been settled down... We live in the world to respect our neighbors and borders. Russia did a terrible thing. It violated international laws. This has fueled problems in other points too,' Savchenko said.

She also expressed confidence that there had been a moment when Ukraine could prevent Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea by its military actions.

'One should keep Crimea with a war. There was a moment when one had to go and defend our land,' she said.

As reported earlier by, Savchenko’s mother makes appeal to Russian women not to let their sons go to war against Ukraine.

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