Saturday, May 28 2016 02:38 EEST
Ambassador of Ukraine in the U.S. Valeriy Chaly delivered remarks before the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide at the U.S. Department of State
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Ambassador Chaly marked an importance of release of the Ukrainian military pilot, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and of PACE Nadiya Savchenko and praised the efforts of the international partners of Ukraine.

He said 'that our coordinated position, unity and persistence was fruitful and this is how we should stand in order to release all of the Ukrainian hostages and illegally imprisoned Ukrainians in Russia.'

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA shared on Facebook:

'Valeriy Chaly spoke about geopolitical security challenges that are faced by Ukraine: 'A model when Ukraine is a buffer zone between the Euro-Atlantic space and Russia-led community of countries failed to ensure security in this region and in Europe, where two world wars had begun. The Ukrainian people have soundly declared their commitment to the European democratic values.' He also called on the U.S. and EU to increase their support for Ukraine, 'it was a Ukraine’s weakness that has provoked the aggression, while strengthened Ukraine with enhanced defense capacity, also thank to our partners, have managed to contain the aggression on the Eastern frontier of Europe,' the Ambassador said.'

Valeriy Chaly also told the audience about the progress in carrying out reforms in Ukraine and dwelled on the active role of the civil society.

Since the start of the 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine, public support for Ukrainian membership in NATO has risen greatly. Since June 2014 polls show that about 50% of those asked voice support for Ukrainian membership.

In September 2015, NATO launched five trust funds for €5.4 million for the Ukrainian army. €2 million are planned to be sent for the modernization of communication systems, €1.2 million – to reform the logistic and standardization systems, €845 thousand – for physical rehabilitation and prostheses, €815 thousand for cyber defense, and €410 thousand for retraining and resettlement.

In March 2016, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker stated that it would take at least 20-25 years for Ukraine to join the EU and NATO.

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