Saturday, May 28 2016 01:14 EEST
Savchenko announces her readiness to become president of Ukraine
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Following the release from Russian jail, Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko has announced her readiness to become the president of Ukraine.

'Ukrainians, if you need me to be the president, I will be the president,' she says.

According to Savchenko, she still is not convinced that 'people have learned not to vote for buckwheat.' She has noted that she liked her job and would like to fly, but that she is ready 'to do the things which are good' for Ukraine. The pilot mentioned this at the first conference after her release.

From summer 2014 to May 25, 2016, Nadiya Savchenko was in Russia’s custody on charges of complicity in the murder of the VGTRK journalists. Russian President Vladimir Putin remitted her after the imposition of her sentence. Savchenko was exchanged for two Russian convicts Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Evgeny Erofeev.

During the period of her custody, Savchenko became the Verkhovna Rada’s deputy of Batkivschina, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE and got a title of Hero of Ukraine. Kyiv, Washington, Paris, Berlin, and the authorities of other countries demanded her extradition from Moscow.

Petro Poroshenko became the president of Ukraine in 2014. The country elects its leader every five years.

As reported earlier by, Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyer Feigin: 'I know who and how prevented Savchenko from coming to Ukraine!'

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