Friday, May 27 2016 22:14 EEST
The Hague is waiting: 'Girkin-Strelkov'' comes to grief with his executions
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Polish deputy Malgozhata Gosevskaya’s report on separatists’ crimes in the east of Ukraine will form the basis of the Hague Tribunal for the Donbas.

The International Court of Justice has adopted Gosevskaya’s report on military crimes in the Donbass. The author presented 157 pages, including orders for the executions, signed by Igor Girkin. He is Russian military, the former commander of Novorossiya’s army and the DPR’s Defense Minister.

Gosevskaya provided the court with the copies of the orders, which were signed by Girkin. The authenticity of some of them was confirmed by the DPR’s militant himself. He was incautious enough to tell the media and social networks about all the crimes he used to do in the controlled area.

In May, 2014, Girkin gave an interview to Russian media and told about the execution of Nikolay Lukyanov and Dmitriy Slavov for their looting, armed robbery and other acts. He admitted other extrajudicial murders too.

Gosevskaya’s report was revealed in 2015, but The Hague’s court has just started its consideration. The deputy described her meetings with victims of the separatists’ tortures and witnesses of executions. She spoke to them during his trips to the Donbas two years ago.

At the same time, Girkin’s spokeswoman Anastasia Mikhaylovskaya said that she knew about documents, which had been sent to the court of The Hague. According to her, Girkin and his colleagues are not serious about this fact.

Igor Girkin-Strelkov had a serious quarrel with another separatist Igor Bezler in the web. Girkin described his former ally as a small-minded and hysteric person.

As reported earlier by, Human rights activists are to provide 'Hague Tribunal' with proofs of tortures in LDPR dungeons, Ukraine.

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