Friday, May 27 2016 20:24 EEST
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Indonesia's president signed a decree authorizing the use of chemical castration to punish pedophiles
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The authorities have tightened the punishment. Judges can decide on the application of the death penalty or chemical sterilization in cases when the crime is committed against children.

According to the new rules, which were released on Wednesday by Joko Widodo’s presidential decree on children’s protection, the rapists convicted of sexual abuse of minors, which had led to the death, illness, loss of reproductive function, or mental disorder, can be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

Moreover, the individuals convicted of crimes against sexual inviolability of minors, can also be forced to chemical sterilization and to wearing implanted chips that let authorities track their movements.

According to officials, the new punitive measures were introduced to create a strong constraint to prevent such crimes and to let judges decide on the application of more strict punishment.

The new law was adopted in response to public protests against a 14-year-old girl’s gang rape and murder on the island of Sumatra last month.

The government stated that it is about to take a tougher position in relation to crimes against sexual integrity after the murder. This step is a part of Widodo’s broader war on crime.

Widodo said that he had signed a decree to close the 'emergency of sexual violence' in the country with a population of 250 million people. The government has not published data that confirmed this message yet. The new measures will come into force immediately.

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