Friday, May 27 2016 18:15 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko: 'Please, don’t touch me, I don't know you all!'

Dozens of people met the released pilot near her house. The released Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko lives in an ordinary multistory in Kiev’s Troieshchyna.

There was a total mess yesterday afternoon there. People came to the entrance to see if their famous neighbor had arrived. About a dozen of women brought flowers.

Nadia's sister Vera brought the pilot to home by a cheap Skoda at about 19:45. After reaching the yard Vera parked the car, but none came out of the car within several moments. One could notice that Nadiya was peering at the faces. She finally came out wearing shoes, looked up at the sky, at the house, arranged her hair and cried out: 'Glory to Ukraine!'

The neighbors applauded and shouted in reply: "Glory to the heroes! Welcome back, Nadiya!'

'I am very glad to see you all, but please, don’t touch me. I spend my time in a one-man cell and have grown strange to people... Please.'

Answering one of the questions, Nadiya said: 'I’m staying firmly, they won’t knock me down.' There was a question if she is to change something in 'Savchenko’s law', and she said: 'This is an important matter. One cannot answer it in one sentence. I’ll answer it at a press conference on Friday.' She went home, but stopped on the porch and told the neighbors: 'Sorry, I won’t invite you to my flat now.'

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