Friday, May 27 2016 17:21 EEST
US attacks Daesh militants without help of Russia
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The US militaries hit the positions of the Daesh terrorist group near Palmyra in Syria. According to United States Air Forces Central Command commander Lieutenant General Charles Brown, the aim of the US armed forces was to hit the militants’ tactical units and a vehicles.

The American General stressed that the Pentagon’s operation hadn’t been coordinated with Russia although Russian troops currently were present in Palmyra.

The US Air Force and its allies from the coalition stroke the positions the Daesh militants in the areas of Raqqah, Ayn Isa and Al-Shadadi.

Also, the commander of the US forces in the Middle East Joseph Votel came to Syria last Sunday. He had a talk with Kurdish leaders and discussed preparation for the coming attack on Raqqah.

Russian leadership offered the Americans to release Raqqah together, but they refused to get Russia’s help.

On May 24, Kurdish militants received the support from the US and seized several strategically important settlements near Raqqah and took several Daesh terrorists as hostages.

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