Thursday, May 26 2016 19:29 EEST
Ukrainian artist drew Eurovision winner Jamala in the sand
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Former Kharkiv resident Tetiana Galitsyna moved to Warsaw after her victory in the contest in 2013. She opened the first school of sand animation in Poland.

The schedule of her performances is incredibly hectic. That is why, it is usually planned far in advance. Her sand animations are turning into cinema shots right in front of spectators’ eyes.

Tetiana presented her creative work in many countries: France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and others.

'I was so proud that Jamala won the Eurovision, so I immediately took a sand and decided to make her portrait as a present. In order not to carry a massive glass, we will make a photo out of the portrait, print it, put it on a meter long canvas and will make a present at the concert in Kharkiv,' the sand master promises.

A famous singer from France Patricia Kaas, who performed on the same stage with Tetiana, obtained a similar present.

As reported earlier by, Press-conference of the new 'Eurovision' winner Jamala started from the discomfiture. The song 'You Are the Only One' by Sergey Lazarev ironically started to sound at the beginning of the event, which became a total surprise to everyone who attended it.

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