Friday, May 27 2016 03:00 EEST
Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyer Feigin: 'I know who and how prevented Savchenko from coming to Ukraine!'
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According to the lawyer, SBU prevented the pilot from liberation. But as Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s lawyers said, Ukraine prevented Savchenko from coming home. This was mentioned by Mark Feigin during a press conference.

In particular, certain obstructions for the lawyers’ actions were made by representatives of the SBU, and namely – by the head of Investigation Department of the Security Service Vasiliy Vovk.

'It was the autumn of 2014, I met the person we had been writing letters to and vainly trying to obtain documents at Shuster.Live. The man was the head of Investigation Department Vovk. I am like 'You know, we need to get this billing. Give us the billing, we urgently need to submit it to the investigation and attach to the documents.' - 'I won’t give you anything.' Then I’m like 'And how can we solve this problem?' - 'In no way.' - 'Why?' - 'In no way and that’s all,' Feigin says.

The lawyer later appealed to the People's Deputy Sergey Vlasenko from Batkivschina, who in his turn appealed to the then SBU’s head Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

'They start to give documents. And then the same Vovk – either of resentment, or of misunderstanding gives an interview and tells that we all are FSB agents. All the independent lawyers in Russia are FSB agents,' Feigin says.

The lawyer noted that he had told the story to Savchenko and she had written a very irritated letter in response.

'It was published and there was a small, flashing, short scandal. Poroshenko’s advisers called me and apologized for Vovk,' Feigin concluded.

The SBU’s official Vasiliy Vovk claimed that 'the Russian lawyers are interested in Savchenko’s staying in Russia as long as possible.'

'PR is more important for the lawyers than her fate,' he said.

After that SBU apologized for Vovk’s remarks and Savchenko said, she could relieve her lawyers, if they wouldn’t satisfy her.

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