Friday, May 27 2016 02:21 EEST
Crimean Tatars are being raided in Simferopol, occupied territory of Ukraine - Dzhemilev
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The raids are being held in homes and shops. On 26 May, Russian security forces have made another raid in the working and residential places of the Crimean Tatars in Simferopol, Mustafa Dzhemilev wrote in Facebook.

'The house of Timur Osmanov at Dagdzhi Street was raided. Moreover, the raids are conducted in the homes of his friends Hayser Khalilov and Artur Haltaev, who live in the same area of Simferopol. At the moment, Timur is going to the Center "E" at Decembrists’ Street, accompanied by security forces personnel,' Dzhemilev wrote.

According to the politician, Timur, Artur and Hayser have common business and the raid of their shops in Hoshkeldi (Simferopol) is going on.

According to journalists, the raids are now carried out in Kamenka, Hoshkeldi and Alupka

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