Thursday, May 26 2016 23:13 EEST
Human rights activists are to provide 'Hague Tribunal' with proofs of tortures in LDPR dungeons, Ukraine
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No less than 4 000 people got into militants’ jails in 2015. They had no links to the operations but were detained, tortured and physically punished.

There are at least 79 jails in the 28 occupied towns of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This is stated in the investigation of 17 human rights organizations that was published by Deutschlandfunk radio station.

Employees of the 'Center for Civil Liberties' had a talk with 165 people who provided proofs of tortures which had been made on thousands of civilians.

According to the Center’s worker Alexandra Matviychuk, the relatives of victims don’t seek help because they are afraid of possible hurting and have trust neither in law enforcement officers, nor public organizations.

One of the prisoners told the activists that one could go into the dungeons for the slightest violation. People often are arrested under false pretenses. Civilians are used as free labor to dig trenches or to repair military equipment. By the way, in the days of violent confrontations a lot of builders died and only one of 10 men could go back – all the rest used to be killed during the shootings of the parties.

The human rights activists are going to provide the Hague tribunal with the proofs so that it could start an investigation of possible war crimes.

As reported earlier by, Medvedev's speech to Crimean retirees: 'We have no money and it will be so! But you are all in good shape!' Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a working visit to occupied Crimea and had a chance to talk to retirees, who had expressed their dissatisfaction with the Kremlin’s social policy in relation to the annexed peninsula.

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