Thursday, May 26 2016 21:36 EEST
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NYPD K9 detective helps deliver baby
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Detective Lorraine Bowden was on patrol in Brooklyn early Tuesday morning when she was flagged down by a frantic man who told her that his wife was in labor in their car.

Detective Bowden went with man to his car where she found the woman in active labor.

New York Police Department shared on Facebook:

'Detective Bowden immediately began ascertaining information and broadcasted a call over her department radio requesting EMS. As soon as the detective completed her request for EMS workers the mother informed her that the baby was delivered. Detective Bowden quickly picked up the baby from the floor of the car and began to clear her airway. It was then she noticed that the umbilical cord was wrapped under the baby girl’s arm and around her neck. Detective Bowden was able to untangle the umbilical cord from and began first aid until the newborn began to breathe on her own.'

'Being a mom myself I knew I had to make sure the baby was breathing and going to bring joy to her mom and dad,' said Detective Bowden. 'My training just kicked in.'

EMS responded to the location and transported the mother and baby to a local hospital for care.

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