Thursday, May 26 2016 20:44 EEST
Farewell Bell in Donetsk, Ukraine becomes bright by priests, agitation and fainting
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The occupied city still is not safe. The schools of Donetsk are holding solemn ceremonies due to the Day of Farewell Bell. The children have been graduated from schools under the flags of the so-called DPR for the second year.

The solemn ceremonies weren’t free of agitation work. At least one representative of the false authorities has attended the schools today.

'We were 'lucky' to greet at least two or three deputies and an official. And at the same time the director gave the floor to each of them. As a result, the ceremony lasted more than an hour! Sure! The director and 'representatives' told us that there had been a country and now it was ruined so that we had to build a 'new state'. They also have told a story about our present great life', resident Victoria Zatsepina said. And you know what the parents were discussing at that time? They were discussing the fact that prices had already increased again – everything became more expensive by 1-3 rubles just a week ago.'

Some innovations were presented at the ceremonies too, as several schools of the occupied city were attended by priests.

'There was a priest on our Farewell Bell,' Olga Avramchenko said. 

'This has never happened before and the parents were surprised. It turned out that he had come to the school and even given lessons in religious education. The priest said a few words, like 'well-done!' and didn’t even bless the kids. The 'DPR' anthem was switched twice - at the beginning and in the end of the event. The children were silent, and some parents showed signs to children, asking not to open their mouths.'

At the same time, the school ceremonies were followed by incidents. Some kids fainted due to thermal shocks.

'As far as I know, two schoolchildren fainted one by one right during the meeting. They felt pity for them and cut the meeting,' Victor mentioned.

As reported earlier by, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko took part in a solemn ceremony to see off Ukrainian national team for the European Championship 2016. He stated that the opportunity to sing the national anthem under the yellow-blue flags in Donetsk will appear in the nearest future.

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