Thursday, May 26 2016 18:31 EEST
Famous cartoonist showed new Putin meme
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According to Sergey Elkin, Russia's guarantor threw off the chains by releasing a Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko.

A funny cartoon of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin appeared in the Net. He is freeing himself from the chains after the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s release. The cartoon was posted in Facebook by a famous Russian artist Sergey Elkin.

The cartoon depicts yellow and blue feathers of a bird that have flown away. The feathers are falling on Putin’s hands, which he has raised to the sky. Moreover, the artist drew partially broken chains that were binding Russian president.

Social networks’ users liked the cartoon. One of them, Ewg Noozhilow jokingly suggested that Russia's guarantor 'must be eager to go to Kyiv too.'

As reported earlier by, Vladimir Putin landed on his fifth point and his face bore little resemblance to the powerful head of state, he liked to show off. This unpleasant incident happened during the final match held by the Night Hockey League in Sochi.

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