Thursday, May 26 2016 16:23 EEST
Savchenko’s mother makes appeal to Russian women not to let their sons go to war against Ukraine
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According to Maria Savchenko, Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko’s mother, Russian president Vladimir Putin is trying to hide the real number of dead Russian troops in Ukraine. She mentions this in the video, which has appeared in Twitter.

'I have written them, the Russian mothers, a letter and told them not to send their sons to our Ukraine to kill our Ukrainians. So that they could know how many Russians have been killed,' - she said.

On May 25, Nadiya Savchenko finally came back to Ukraine after her exchange. According to Russian media, the exchange of Savchenko for Russian GRU officers was agreed by the presidents of Ukraine, France, Germany and Russia during a telephone conversation the day before.

Savchenko was abducted in the war zone of the Luhansk region in early July 2014, she was illegally taken into the territory of the Russian Federation.

As reported earlier by, On March 22, 2016, after the Russian court had pronounced a verdict for Nadiya Savchenko, president Petro Poroshenko expressed readiness to exchange the GRU officers Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev for Savchenko, when Putin keeps his word. At the same time, the head of the state stressed that Ukraine doesn’t recognize the Ukrainian pilot’s verdict of guilty.

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