Thursday, May 26 2016 01:48 EEST
Watch: 'This is TRULY love exists!'
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Sixty-five years have passed but they are still together. In Ukraine, there is a couple that managed to make everyone believe: Love really exists.

Ukraine today shared on Faceboook:

'This couple is just as happy together now as they were sixty-five years ago. And the Oleksa's aren't afraid to share their secrets to a long-lasting relationship.

Ivan and Mariya Oleksa are happy together as if they are still young. The couple reveals a secret of their long-lived relationship. 

Mr. Ivan says that the main secret is trust: 'I can rely on my wife, and she can rely on me. I always ready to lend her an ear as well as she does.' 

The head of the family also added: ‘But the main secret is to get up earlier than my wife. I must be sure that everything is okay.' 

The Oleksa’s have a big garden. Ivan pays a lot of attention to every tree and every flower. 'I like it' – says Mr. Ivan. My wife looks so happy when I bring flowers to her.'

Another secret is dancing.

‘What can be better than dancing?’ – smiling says Mariya. 'We love everything and even polka. Dancing makes us closer to each other. Thanks to it, you learn how to understand your partner not only in dancing but in life.'

Of course, there was a difficult times, too but relationship cannot be perfect without it. However, the couple always went on compromise without quarrels.

In a few month, it will be 65 years since Ivan and Maria got married. Both of them call it 'six and half decades of happiness.'

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