Wednesday, May 25 2016 17:20 EEST
'We knew about my sister’s release before official statement' - Vera Savchenko
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The convict’s sister Vera Savchenko, her mother and the deputies from Batkivschina, including Yulia Tymoshenko are in the airport of Borispol right now.

'The presidential administration had been repeatedly stated this, but nothing happened. This time they have decided not to tell about this. But this was known. This is a matter for everyone: the press that has been keeping constant degree of the case, the people ... and our president, so let’s listen to him, ' Vera Savchenko noted.

In theory, Savchenko has to serve her sentence in jail after the returning to Ukraine, as Kiev has legally recognized the legitimacy of the Russian court’s decision.

The convict’s sister Vera Savchenko has denied this information.

'If they take her to jail, volunteer battalions will come here,' Vera said.

On May 26, the Ukrainian pilot’s lawyers Mark Feygin and Nikolay Polozov are to give a press conference, where they will reveal all the details of Nadiya Savchenko’s case. They are expected to explain details of the convicts’ exchange.

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