Wednesday, May 25 2016 21:19 EEST
Watch: Anti Trump protests in Albuquerque New Mexico
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What started as a calm protest outside Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday erupted into fiery violence as protesters jumped on police cars, smashed windows and fought with Trump supporters and police.

Protesters outside a Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico threw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other objects at police on Tuesday night. Police dispersed protesters with pepper spray and smoke grenades.

Albuquerque police, who later called the evening's events a riot, said on Twitter that some protesters were throwing bottles and rocks at mounted officers. The glass doors of the center reportedly sustained damage as well.

Police eventually formed a line outside the convention center, armed with batons and canisters of pepper spray. Some were on horseback. Protesters challenged the lines of police, but were pushed back onto the sidewalk.

Albuquerque police shared on Twitter:

'Several APD officers are being treated for injuries as a result of being hit by rocks. At least one subj arrested from the riot.'

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