Wednesday, May 25 2016 19:15 EEST
World's first 3D-printed building was opened in Dubai
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The building has fully functional offices and staff. The world’s first building with 3D-printed parts was opened in Dubai (UAE).

'This is the first building in the world, made of 3D-printing. It’s not just a building, it has fully functional offices and staff,' the British media quoted minister of Cabinet Affairs Mohammed al-Gergavi as saying.

According to him, 3D-printing can reduce both construction time (by 50% -70%) and labor costs (by 50% -80%).

The city’s authorities reported that the offices of the new center were built using a special mixture of cement and reliability tests were conducted in the UK and China.

The one-storey building’s area is 250 square meters. The construction of the curved building took 17 days and $140,000. It’ll serve as the temporary headquarters of the Dubai Future Foundation, which is the very company that has implemented the project.

They say that by 2030, Dubai will build about a quarter of all the buildings using 3D-printing.

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