Thursday, May 26 2016 00:04 EEST
Watch: One-legged defender of Ukrainian Donetsk airport comes back to ATO war zone
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The 'cyborg' is going to protect the Donbas despite the loss of his leg in a battle.

Stas Stovban was at the Donetsk airport in the 'hottest' time during the last week of its defense. He managed to stay safe after the first terminal’s explosion. However his legs were squeezed with a panel after the second attempt of explosion. The unconscious man was captured and they amputated one on his legs there.

The soldier was exchanged some time later. According to Stas, he had been suffering in the hospital during the six months, being eager to go back to his company. As soon as the doctors had provided Stas with prosthesis he left for the service.

'Mom is crying, Dad says I'm a fool, but what can I do? I think they’ll be able to understand me,' the fighter said.

The fighting between Ukrainian security forces and the DPR’s militants for control over Donetsk airport started on May 26, 2014. The defense of the old and the new airport terminals took 242 days and the ATO’s forces left the airport that was almost shattered.

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