Wednesday, May 25 2016 18:17 EEST
Solomon Mann: USA is 'fed up' with sanctions and Ukrainian knot
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They are doing their best to finish the Minsk epic with elections in the occupied territories and to declare the Minsk agreements as fulfilled and forgotten. The Normandy format has denied America’s right to coopt the US to a process of negotiations wanting to finish everything on their own without American resistance that roused Ukraine’s independence and urging it to make no concessions.

Ukraine has been complaining of the fact that it is unacceptable to hold elections in the Donbas under the separatists’ guns. Thus, the EU decided to disavow this with an offer to input armed police forces under the auspices of the OSCE during the elections. In other words, according to the EU plan, the separatists’ military formations won’t be dismissed, the border with Russia won’t be handed over to Ukrainian border guards, Ukrainian justice and sovereignty over the occupied territories won’t be restored. But the elections’ 'integrity' will be controlled by the OSCE’s puppet 'police'. Sure, the EU can understand that this has nothing to do with the Minsk agreements, which directly and clearly reads that first of all, Ukraine should restore its sovereignty over the occupied territories and get the control over its borders. And it should hold elections and so on only after these actions. But there are no rules for the EU. It used to break Israel’s hands in the same way, making it fulfill the Oslo agreements to 'give peace a chance' while the terrorists didn’t fulfill any paragraph from the agreement – just like they haven’t fulfill anything as of today.

It is time for kid-glove diplomacy. Ukraine should formulate its demands to delay the negotiations, as we do annoy the West by our sharp refusals and this may affect the West’s funding and pliancy on economic issues. And the best option is to threaten with the fact that Ukraine will seek America’s inclusion in the Normandy format, if the EU requirements are too difficult. Let's look at the art of Ukrainian diplomacy, although I'm afraid that if Poroshenko doesn’t take part there the things will turn out to be extremely bad.

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