Wednesday, May 25 2016 16:11 EEST
Crimea has no future outside of Ukraine - Avraham Shmulevich
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Israeli political analyst, president of the Institute of Eastern Partnership, a strategic adviser of Circassian congress Avraham Shmulevich explained why Crimea had no future outside of Ukraine even despite the Kremlin’s Novorossiya plan.

'Novorossiya plan was to cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea,' he said.

According to him, Ukraine and Crimea’s future is in a strategic bond.

'I can’t see any Crimea’s future outside of Ukraine. The Crimean Tatars have no way to create an independent state there if there is a great war, proscription of the peninsula’s population and purges. If Ukraine becomes a successful country, it will pull out Crimea or vice versa. That’s why the Tatars make the bet on it, they realize the value of Ukraine’s inland. As for Poroshenko’s idea about Crimean Tatars’ autonomy, one should wait for definite proposals. It would be nice if Ukraine did something for the Crimean Tatar people and protection of their rights. Sure, it’s difficult for me to tell about any successful initiative of the Ukrainian authorities, but I repeat that Ukraine and Crimea’s future is in a strategic bond,' Shmulevich said.

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