Tuesday, May 24 2016 18:02 EEST
Putin’s nightmare becomes reality - Vitalii Portnikov
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NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the NATO summit in Warsaw will adopt the final decision in relation to strengthening of the alliance's presence in Eastern Europe. International forces are to be deployed there and the fact of their formation will be a clear message to a potential aggressor: the one who attacks one of the NATO countries, attacks the whole alliance.

This is a nightmare of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other bosses in the Kremlin. Putin took the invasion of Ukraine as a response to the 'approximation' of the alliance, although NATO’s expansion meant no security threat for his country. Moreover, this expansion contributed to the strengthening of Russia's prospects, since the effect of the most effective security system of the modern world had been intensified on its borders. That was mostly a dream due to crisis of the 'third world', increasing religious radicalism and terrorism!

But Russia, its authoritarian power and anachronistic society made another decision and went wrong. NATO considered Russian aggression against Ukraine as Putin's joining an informal coalition of terrorists and radicals that mocked at the modern world. Russia is to be restrained now.

Putin has neither money, nor enough people to response to the challenge. Everything is against him - the economy, demography, history, morality. Nuclear warheads are the only things which are for him. He will remind of himself with them but hardly will dare to use them. And this means that Putin is drawn into the confrontation, which can end only with his defeat and the liberation of Ukrainian territories from the invaders and their collaborators.

Sure, one shouldn’t simplify the situation. Putin hasn’t declared war to Ukraine. He can use mechanisms of a 'hybrid war' against any NATO’s country and check the strength of the alliance at the same time.

But the leader’s new lie is unlikely to be understood after the great lie in Ukraine. If Putin wants to survive, he should think of crawling away from the Donbass and Crimea just after the NATO summit in Warsaw without trying to burn a fire somewhere else.

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