Wednesday, May 25 2016 02:11 EEST
Medvedev's speech to Crimean retirees: 'We have no money and it will be so! But you are all in good shape!'
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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a working visit to occupied Crimea and had a chance to talk to retirees, who had expressed their dissatisfaction with the Kremlin’s social policy in relation to the annexed peninsula.

One of the retirees told the head of Russia’s government that her pension was too small and 8,000 rubles aren’t enough to live on.

Medvedev listened to the retiree and said that they had no money, and they are to talk about this when the funds appear. Moreover, Russia is not going to increase pensions in any particular area, he noted. They will be increased in all the Russia only.

The official of the state, which had annexed Crimea, mockingly wished pensioners good luck noting that the invader is not going to solve their problems.

Crimea has been annexed by Russia for more than two years. Since then, the peninsula has been facing various problems, like lack of water, electricity and toilet paper.

As reported earlier to the, 'Krym.Realii' website, which is a branch of Ukraine's Radio Liberty, will be blocked in Russia by Crimean Prosecutor Poklonskaya.

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