Tuesday, May 24 2016 20:47 EEST
Watch: Ukrainian cadets of the Military Courses improve professional skills in field conditions

First- and second-year students of 'Mechanical Engineering' and 'Chemistry' departments are improving their professional skills, working on complex practical issues in field conditions. The training takes place at the base of Podvirky village that belongs to a faculty of military training, which is a part of the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.

The students’ actions are led by officers and instructors. They improve their professional level of combat and engineering training, survival systems for soldiers, general tactics, military communications and topography.

The main aim of all the practical trainings is to improve the knowledge and professional skills of students while performing complex tasks in the conditions which are close to combat ones.

Future officers equip the camp and trenches for firing; perform tasks and methods of actions as parts of battle groups. They improve their knowledge in defense and fortification positions equipment, strong points and areas for the location of units, taking into account the experience of ATO.

Experienced instructors teach the students how to identify mine-explosive obstacles, evacuate the wounded, provide first aid in case of different injuries and diseases, and clean water in the field conditions.

The classes in the field conditions train the students’ morale and let check their defense skills, physical strength and professionalism. The students demonstrate these qualities during the exercises.

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