Tuesday, May 24 2016 17:34 EEST
300 Ukrainian kids go to Croatia with the help of Ivica Pirić and Maryna Poroshenko’s support
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Kids of killed and wounded ATO soldiers and cyborgs from Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions left for Croatia to spend their holidays there. Ukrainian president’s wife Maryna Poroshenko, head of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Serhiy Mashkovskyi, parents and friends saw them off. Croatian football player, organizer and curator Ivica Pirić will meet the young Ukrainians in Split.

Almost 300 kids from different Ukrainian regions have got the opportunity to visit the European country this year. The first group consisted of 100 children from Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions, as well as 50 children from the ATO area who settled in Dnipropetrovsk. In addition, 150 Ukrainian children also will visit Croatia at the end of summer.

Addressing the audience, Mrs. Maryna Poroshenko stressed the importance of the fact that kids should learn more about Europe. According to her, children are our European future.

The kids will stay in Croatia from May 24 to June 4. Being a professional footballer, Ivica Pirić will organize football games between Ukrainian and Croatian children. Furthermore, the children will take various trips and spend some time at the sea.

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