Tuesday, May 24 2016 01:19 EEST
US ice hockey fan filmed 'sneaking into Russia's changing room and urinating on kit'
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A controversial video appears to show the moment a US ice hockey fan sneaks into the changing rooms and urinates on a Russia player's shirt.

The video appears to have been recorded before a game at the World Ice Hockey Championships, which saw Russia beat the USA 7-2.

It shows the man dancing around the changing rooms before pulling his top off to reveal a huge smiley face with an American top hat painted on his stomach.

The man recording the video says in an American accent: 'You guys, we're at the World Championships in Moscow. In the dressing room of the Russians.'

But his friend ignores the warnings and takes one of ice hockey skates from the shelf and places it on the floor.

He then appears to urinate over the footwear, as well as the shirt he placed nearby.

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