Monday, May 23 2016 19:02 EEST
Sazonov made a statement on Putin's big mistake: 'A single region won’t dictate rules of life to Ukraine'
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On May 21, a prominent political analyst Kirill Sazonov reported a 'fatal' mistake of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

According to Sazonov, neither Putin, nor his successor will be able to manage Ukrainian politics by manipulating separate areas of the Donbas. This information was posted by the blogger on his page in Facebook.

'A single region won’t dictate rules of life to Ukraine. Putin has failed here and no elections will change the situation. Love Ukraine or go away – everything is simple...' the statement reads.

Sazonov said that Ukraine had its own way and state is to follow it.

The political analyst compared current situation between Ukraine and Russia to a family. According to him, a child can not dictate its conditions to a family, which consists of a mother, a father and four children.

As reported earlier to the, Putin will bargain with Obama’s successor for Donbas region. 

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