Tuesday, May 24 2016 02:28 EEST
Pavel Nuss: 'You'd have to be an idiot to remain blind to obvious things - Poroshenko’s activity and actions prevent traitors and their boss Putin'
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The attacks of the guys, who are disappointed with life and themselves, have been restarted. The myth about 'porokhobot' became heir alternative to an external aggressor, enemies and internal quislings, who pestered the society with a thesis about a social group with rational thinking.

We were accused hundreds, if not thousands of times. I don’t care...

Moreover, my supporters and I are Citizens of our Country, the Great Ukraine with its strong and resolute civilian position.

The office in Turovskaya Street is shaking in seizures while reading our blogs that the President of our country needs support, despite deceitful and manipulative 'investigations'.

Thus, AP reports that 'on May 22-23, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will make a working visit to Turkey to attend the World Humanitarian Summit that is to be held in Istanbul.'

One must be an idiot to spread hysteria which is profitable for a handful of political outsiders, and which aims to overthrow the legitimate power of the President, who is inconvenient for quislings and their boss Putin – and all this is happening in the background of the diplomatic activity of the country's leader, whose aim is to establish peace and to restore sovereignty in the east of Ukraine and occupied Crimea?

All the answers are so close – one must be an idiot to remain blind to the obvious things.

Yes, I support Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko!

Pavel Nuss, political expert, Facebook.

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