Monday, May 23 2016 22:27 EEST
Ukrainian fencers defeated 'French musketeers' in World Cup round
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Augusto Bizzi

Fencing World Cup in Paris Fencing became a real breakthrough for Ukrainian team. It managed to defeat the hosts of the contest who used to be the best of the best in this kind of sport.

'How many people do we have? Four! How many epees do we have? Four!' Four Ukrainian fencers (Maksim Khvorost, Dmitriy Karyuchenko, Anatoliy Gerey and Bohdan Nikishin) triumphantly performed at the Paris World Cup.

Volodymyr Stankevich’s wards made a great way to the final match. They defeated Polish team with the result of 30:21, Venezuelan national team (20:19) and came to Israel in the semi-final. The confrontation with the athletes of 'the promised land' in the semi-final turned to be extremely difficult. The fencers came with 13:18, but later managed to win with a difference in one point (42:41).

The Ukrainians met the 'French musketeers' in the final. Fencers from this country have been considered as the best of the best sportsmen, at least in men's fencing.

The final battle was not less stunning and dramatic as the semi-finals. Ukrainians won a difficult victory with a score of 40:38, and this match could be considered as a rehearsal for the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.

As reported earlier to the, Famous Ukrainian footballer Yevhen Konoplyanka puts on vyshyvanka and medal of Europa League. Yevhen joined the celebration of Vyshyvanka Day. A winger of Spanish club Sevilla FC Yevhen Konoplyanka congratulated his subscribers in social networks on Vyshyvanka Day.

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