Monday, May 23 2016 16:12 EEST
Lawyers of two jailed Russian GRU soldiers to ask President Poroshenko for pardon
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Lawyers of Russian GRU soldiers Aleksandr Aleksandrov and Eugeniy Yerofeyev won’t submit an appeal for sentence, Aleksandrov’s lawyer Valentin Rybin says.

According to him, they will be able to consider a petition for pardon after the decision of Ukrainian court comes into force.

'We have decided not to appeal,' he said on Monday morning adding that the deadline for appeal expires on May 23 and the sentence is to come into force at night of May 24.

The lawyer said that they are going to use legal mechanisms.

'It comes to a possible petition for pardon for Ukrainian president,' Rybin said.

He also noted that such a request could be made both on behalf of the prisoners and their lawyers.

Yerofeyev’s lawyer Oksana Sokolovskaya in her turn told that the sentence actually had come into force on May 23.

She also claimed that they are to submit a petition for pardon of the Russian Special Forces members.

'We will send the petition for pardon to the president,' she said without specifying how long the request can be considered as the law provides no clear terms for this procedure.

The petition for pardon will be made 'soon,' she writes in Facebook.

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