Saturday, May 21 2016 21:23 EEST
Ukraine welcomes GARDEN MUSIC – the festival of festivals
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GARDEN MUSIC – is the first international festival of festivals, which will unite more than 10 different festivals.

The idea and organization of the first international festival of festivals GARDEN MUSIC belongs to Global Company\show production. European Gild Event Projects is the co-organizer of the festival. The organizers say that this spectacular event will gain recognition of the whole world community. 

GARDEN MUSIC will be held in the M. M. Hryshko National Botanical Garden in Kyiv. This is an incredibly high level of the festival from the perspective of quality of performance and organization, which is eligible for the title of the main event of the year aimed to unite human relations and bring peaceful coexistence on the planet Earth. This is also a straightforward, charitable and real help for orphaned children and impoverished families of Ukraine. 

The best producer’s group of the global level Global Company\show production has been involved in elaboration, development and organization of the first international festival of festivals. The main stage is called BOTANICA ROCK, where a four-hour show will take place, involving celebrities of the world rock stage. Music stars, being headliners of the international show, will present their solo performances on the hi-tech covered stage. Furthermore, the best performers and groups of Ukrainian rock stage will definitely conquer hearts of the audience.

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