Saturday, May 21 2016 01:51 EEST
Ukraine has done everything for visa-free regime with EU - Tombinsky
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According to Jan Tombinsky, the European Parliament and the EU Council are discussing this matter right now. Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements of the European Union to get a visa-free regime, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Yan Tombinsky stated.

Tombinsky was asked if the EU could postpone providing Ukraine with a visa-free regime due to the European Commission's recent proposal (which should be approved by the European Parliament and the EU Council). 

The Ambassador said: 'This is a mechanism that can let the visa-free regime’s postponement. But this is an element that will be used in general European regulations with regard to visa-free regime. Here we are talking not about Ukraine but other countries (Turkey). Ukraine has done everything that it supposed to do. The European Parliament and the EU Council are discussing this matter now.

On May,1 the European Commission offered to accelerate the process of stopping the visa-free regime. It should be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

'The mechanism will be easier to use on the basis of possible reasons for the visa-free regime’s postponement and the acceleration of this process. The European Commission will be able to start the process of cancelling the visa-free regime at its own initiative,' the European Commission’s president Frans Timmermans. Thus, if the Commission's offer is approved, the visa-free regime with any country, including Ukraine, can be stopped at any time just due to the European Commission’s decision.

The deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze explained that it had no connection with Ukraine. According to her, it’s a single mechanism for all the countries, including the Balkan countries. The EU countries are seriously thinking about it due to the migration crisis.'

As reported earlier to the, most residents of the occupied areas of Donbas can understand that they have made a mistake, they are confused, deputy minister of the occupied territories Georgiy Tuka says, giving an interview to the 5th Channel.

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