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Mike Huckabee: ISIS just launched a media blitz, targeting Egypt for attacks because of its relationship with the US
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According to USA Today, Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Sherif Fathi said the possibility of a terror attack as the cause of the crash of flight MS804 is 'higher than that of a technical error.'

EgyptAir Flight 804 was an international passenger flight from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Cairo International Airport, operated by EgyptAir, that went missing over the Mediterranean Sea on 19 May 2016 at 02:30 Egypt Standard Time.

Two U.S. officials believed the aircraft was downed by a bomb, and a senior official told NBC News that monitoring equipment focused on the area at the time detected evidence of an explosion on board the aircraft; however, other officials from multiple U.S agencies told Reuters they had seen no evidence of an explosion in satellite imagery and that there is nothing out there yet to confirm foul play.

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) claimed the crash was, in all likelihood, a 'terrorist' act.

American politician, Christian minister, author, musician, and commentator Mike Huckabee shared on Facebook:

'I hope you’ll join me in saying a prayer today for the 66 passengers and crew members of the EgyptAir jetliner that disappeared over the Mediterranean near the island of Crete, and for their families. At this writing, no debris has yet been found, and officials say it’s too early to speculate on whether it was a terrorist attack or mechanical failure.

On one hand, it was a fairly new and reliable plane, the Airbus A320. And terrorists usually try to target packed jets to kill the maximum number of victims, while this flight was half-empty. On the other hand, an EgyptAir fight from Paris to Cairo would present a double target for Islamic militants. ISIS just launched a media blitz, targeting Egypt for attacks because of its relationship with the US.'

Egyptian authorities announced the next day that wreckage of the aircraft was found in the Mediterranean approximately 180 mi north of Alexandria, Egypt.

A multinational search and rescue operation is under way.

Secretary of State John Kerry expresses condolences over EGYPTAIR Flight MS804, says U.S. is providing assistance in search effort.

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