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Senator Al Franken: The Oculus Rift is an exciting development that will have a big effect on the future of technology
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Last month, several news reports pointed out that according to Oculus' own privacy statement, the company automatically collects its users' location data and precise physical movements and dimensions-and could share it with third parties.

The junior United States Senator from Minnesota Al Franken shared on Facebook:

'All Americans have a fundamental right to privacy. And as top Democrat on the Privacy Subcommittee, I believe you should have more information about who is getting your personal information, how it’s being used, and who it’s being shared with. When I found out that the virtual reality company Oculus’ new system—the Rift—automatically collects its users’ personal data, I reached out and asked the company some questions about the extent of this data collection and whether the company is sharing Americans’ private information with third parties. I think the Oculus Rift is an exciting development that will have a big effect on the future of technology, and that’s exactly why I want to make sure that the company is doing everything it can to protect the very sensitive, private data of its users. Oculus sent me a detailed response to my questions, and going forward, I’ll continue working with the company to ensure that Oculus users in Minnesota and across the country have a thorough understanding of the company’s current privacy practices and are provided necessary updates about any future uses of their personal information.'

Sen. Franken has long been an advocate of protecting Americans' privacy, especially in light of new technologies.

Al Franken plans to continue working with Oculus to ensure that users know how their very sensitive data is being collected, used, and shared. 

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