Friday, May 20 2016 17:21 EEST
General Staff excludes possibility of Russia’s large-scale offensive in Donbas
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At the same time, enemy militaries have been moving more actively in the east of Ukraine. Eastern Ukraine has faced activation of the movement of Russian troops, but there still are no conditions for a large-scale offensive there.

This was announced by the chief of General Staff and Ukraine’s Armed Forces commander Viktor Muzhenko in Brussels.

'As of today, there is no visible creation of some powerful shock groups in certain areas,' he said.

'There really is some movement of equipment and weapons due to the fact that this part of Ukrainian-Russian border isn’t being controlled, because the OSCE’s access is being boycotted by Russian side and corresponding illegal formations. So this possibility (i.e. the transfer of techniques, weapons and personnel) is real,' the chief said.

Muzhenko said that he had informed the NATO headquarters of scenarios of the security situation in Ukraine.

'We talked not only about the Donbas. We discussed a wider range of matters and a wider range of military threats for Ukraine,' he said.

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