Friday, May 20 2016 05:17 EEST
Bus with Russian militaries fell on concrete footing in Tskhinvali - passengers had no chances to survive
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The bus with Russian militaries fell from a steep on a concrete footing in Tskhinvali. The six officers who were taking the front seats, died right at the scene from their injuries.

The Net has been spreading the first photos from the scene of the tragedy. The Russian militaries were moving in the PAZ bus on a mountain road with steep cliffs. The driver lost control of the vehicle and went over the side of the road.

The bus fell into the precipice and this was followed by its head-on collision with a concrete footing that greatly worsened the effects of the accident.

According to Rossiyskiy Dialog, the accident occurred in the morning on May, 19. The militaries were on their way to drills. The accident killed six militaries and another 13 people received various injuries.

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