Thursday, May 19 2016 21:42 EEST
Residents of occupied Donbas understand their mistakes - Tuka
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Most residents of the occupied areas can understand that they have made a mistake, they are confused, deputy minister of the occupied territories Georgiy Tuka says, giving an interview to the 5th Channel.

This was in the air 'on Channel 5,' said Deputy Minister of temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine George Tooke, UNN.

'The vast majority of residents is confused and remains in the position of waiting. Too many of them can understand that they have made a mistake by participating in that referendum and supporting this movement. They haven’t become supporters of ukrainization and Ukraine, but they do understand that the way that they have chosen is wrong. They didn’t aspire to it,' the official said.

According to him, it’s impossible to change the view of the older generation but one has to fight for children and middle-aged people.

'First of all, these people are able to perceive information. The information can be sent by any means – not only through TV but through one’s stomach too. Speaking frankly, we cannot change the views of the older generation that mostly reveals some activity during elections ... We are unable to release their views now, it’s impossible, but we should fight for middle-aged people and children. I've watched how they did this in Luhansk and the process of ukrainization is going on very quickly,' Tuka noted.

As reported earlier to the, Terrorist group DPR is shocked because of all plans for Mariupol’s capture are failed - 40 thousand fans of 'Okean Elzy' sang the national anthem of Ukraine. Residents of Mariupol started gathering at Illichivets sports complex, where Okean Elzy band gave a free concert in the evening. More than 40,000 citizens came to the place of performance of the legendary band in the evening. Meanwhile, about 20,000 thousand people gathered near the complex. The apotheosis of the concert became the performance of the anthem of Ukraine. All the 40 thousand people sang it.

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