Friday, May 20 2016 01:08 EEST
Jamala’s triumph at the Eurovision 2016 is victory over 'evil' - Petro Poroshenko
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Ukraine’s leader visited a concert dedicated to victims of the Crimean Tatars’ genocide and awarded Jamala with the title of People's Artist. He’s sure that her victory is extremely essential.

Visiting the concert dedicated to victims of the Crimean Tatars’ genocide in the National Opera of Ukraine, the head of the state said that the star’s show and performance make all the Europeans hear and admit that Crimea is Ukraine, and Ukraine is Europe!'

The leader described Jamala’s triumph as the victory over evil.

'The success at the Eurovision means victory over lie, evil, violence. I believe that the whole world take it in this very way,' the politician added.

In his emotional speech the president stressed that Crimea belonged to Ukraine.

'72 years ago, the Crimean Tatars remained alone in their troubles with a pitiless tyrant. Today we all have millions of friends by our side. The Ukrainians and the world shouldn’t let the tragedy of the Crimean Tatars to be repeated. Crimea always will be an integral part of Ukraine, and the thief will be forced to return the stolen thing! I'm sure we will return both Crimea and the occupied Donbass to under Ukrainian sovereignty! I’m thankful to all residents of Crimea, who are facing difficult conditions but haven’t broken their links with their real native land of Ukraine! The war will be completed only when the last invader’s foot leaves the sacred land of Ukrainian Donbas and Crimea! ' Poroshenko claimed.

As reported earlier to the, Sergey Lazarev said about his Eurovision defeat: 'I felt so abashed that I was at a loss for words'. The singer was waiting for the results as for the verdict.

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